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Serving Port Canaveral, Florida

How to Book a Canaveral Pilot

Please call the Harbor Master to Book a Canaveral Pilot

How to Apply for a Canaveral Pilot Job

The Deputy Pilot Training Program is a rigorous 36 month program

Federal Pilotage

Canaveral Pilots provide both state & federal pilotage

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The state, through the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) and its Board of Pilot Commissioners (Board), regulates which individuals receive their license.
The Canaveral Pilots are state and federally licensed harbor pilots. As the first to board foreign vessels arriving at U.S. Ports, harbor pilots are an integral part of security and threat assessment. Our pilots are experienced Merchant Marine Master Mariners who, after serving for years on ships at sea, have completed an intense state testing and training program as Deputy Pilots to become fully licensed State Pilots. To obtain a harbor pilot’s license, there are numerous procedures that are highly-regulated and required by state law and board ruling. The Canaveral Pilots are the local navigational experts for Port Canaveral and our pilots board all inbound and outbound foreign-flagged ocean-going ships, as well as U.S. flagged vessels on foreign and domestic voyages. While onboard the ships, the Canaveral Pilots “take the conn” and direct the movement of the vessels when navigating the channels and basins of Port Canaveral.