Canaveral Pilot Initiates Turtle Rescue

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Capt. Dave Richard, Senior Pilot with the Canaveral Pilots Association, recently noticed a loggerhead turtle in the vicinity of cargo docks that appeared lethargic and seriously ill.  Richard and several Pilots and Boat Operators monitored the turtle over several days and local authorities were contacted and attempted to rescue the turtle but were unsuccessful due to the fact that the turtle was under the cargo docks and difficult to reach.  Capt. Richard remained determined to rescue the turtle and was finally able to do so with the help of a FWC officer.  The turtle has since been transported to a rehab facility by the FWC.  In addition to efforts such as this in and around the port, the Canaveral Pilots work closely with the Marine Resources Council’s Right Whale hotline personnel any time Right Whales are spotted in the vicinity of the port.


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