Pilots Attend Manned Model Training

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Canaveral Pilots Capt. Ben Borgie and Capt. Steve Gasecki, and Deputy Pilot Capt. Matt Lynch, attended a manned model training course at the Maritime Pilots Institute facility in Covington. LA. in October, 2014.   The Pilots honed their shiphandling skills and practiced emergency shiphandling maneuvers during the training program.  The models are 1/25 scale models of different classes of ships including bulk vessels, container ships and cruise ships.  The facility also has scale model tugboats and the training pond provides narrow channel, shallow water environments as well as the capability to provide different wind, weather, and current conditions.  The Canaveral Pilots regularly attend training in state of the art facilities such as this to enhance piloting skills and emergency procedures.  This training is in keeping with the Canaveral Pilots Association’s commitment to providing piloting services of the highest quality and safety levels at Port Canaveral.

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